Pro Jet Fan co., ltd. is established in February 2010. The company is the pioneer in Ductless Ventilation System in Thailand. PRO-JET FAN plays a remarkable role in meeting a lot of applications needed a ventilation improvement especially car park ventilation. PRO-JET FAN also provides optimal ventilation system, IAQ improvement as well as energy efficiency improvement to different applications such as factories, department store, exhibition hall, and many other large space areas.

PRO-JET FAN is designed on the basic of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics, and manufactured by a state of the art technology by MJ Air Tech co., ltd., Korea. PRO-JET FAN features low power consumption, a light weight and a low noise. Especially, PRO-JET FAN enables inlet airflow to reach to a very long distance, and enhances remarkably an air inducement effect. Also, PRO-JET FAN is quiet and easy to install in many applications.

Pro Jet Fan co., ltd. can provide the best engineering solution, technical supports, preliminary design, installation, or even CFD simulation. Please contact us for more information.